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UNS Milk Glass Mug

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Milk glass mug from UNS Studio

Milk glass was made since 16c in Venice.
Milk glass is unique for its opaqueness but sheer enough to see light through it.   

A little back story about milk glass: There are less and less milk glass producing manufacturers around the world. This is because of the complicated production process and the high cost that goes into it. That's the reason why it's becoming a "Vintage item".

However, UNS Studio in Korea is now bringing them back, and now, they are even better than before with these new color schemes. 

Dimension: 7.5cm x 9cm / 250ml

Microwavable but hand wash recommend to keep the pieces more shiny, cared and loved. 

The milk glass has a very complicated production process. In order to maintain the beauty of the product, small imperfections such as small waves, rough spots, small bubbles, molding marks, partial mattness might be present and considered normal and not defective. 

Made in Thailand