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Sold out[Set] Japanese Style Lotus Meal Set[Set] Japanese Style Lotus Meal Set
Lotus Donburi BowlLotus Donburi Bowl
Lotus Donburi Bowl Sale price$23.00
Sold outLotus Bowl (2 sizes)Lotus Bowl (2 sizes)
Lotus Bowl (2 sizes) Sale priceFrom $12.00
Hanabi Bowl (2 sizes)Hanabi Bowl (2 sizes)
Hanabi Bowl (2 sizes) Sale priceFrom $12.00
Sold outIzawa Handmade Rice BowlIzawa Handmade Rice Bowl
Izawa Handmade Rice Bowl Sale price$18.00
Izawa Handmade Oval Deep DishIzawa Handmade Oval Deep Dish
Hanabi Donburi BowlHanabi Donburi Bowl
Hanabi Donburi Bowl Sale price$23.00
Epok Blue Rim Series - Long Oval BowlEpok Blue Rim Series - Long Oval Bowl
Epok Blue Rim Series - Deep Oval BowlEpok Blue Rim Series - Deep Oval Bowl
Bistro Tea SetBistro Tea Set
Bistro Tea Set Sale price$22.00
Sold outBlooming Flower Dessert Plate (4 Colors)Blooming Flower Dessert Plate (4 Colors)
Blooming Flower Dessert Bowl (4 Colors)Blooming Flower Dessert Bowl (4 Colors)
Bistro Butter KnifeBistro Butter Knife
Bistro Butter Knife Sale price$12.00
Bistro Dinner SetBistro Dinner Set
Bistro Dinner Set Sale price$39.00
Tone on Tone ChopsticksTone on Tone Chopsticks
Tone on Tone Chopsticks Sale price$6.00
Half Moon Sashimi Dish - 5 ColorsHalf Moon Sashimi Dish - 5 Colors
TUXTON Green bay Oval Plates (5 Sizes)TUXTON Green bay Oval Plates (5 Sizes)
TUXTON Green bay Plates (4 Sizes)TUXTON Green bay Plates (4 Sizes)
TUXTON Green bay Deep Dish (3 Sizes)TUXTON Green bay Deep Dish (3 Sizes)
Shinogi Bowl (2 styles)Shinogi Bowl (2 styles)
Shinogi Bowl (2 styles) Sale priceFrom $14.00
TUXTON Green bay Bowls (3 Styles)TUXTON Green bay Bowls (3 Styles)
TUXTON Green bay Bowls (3 Styles) Sale priceFrom $10.00
UNS Milk Glass MugUNS Milk Glass Mug
UNS Milk Glass Mug Sale price$28.00
Yuzu Mini Dish (5 Colors)Yuzu Mini Dish (5 Colors)
Yuzu Mini Dish (5 Colors) Sale price$16.00
TUXTON Green bay Coffee Cup and Mug (4 Styles)TUXTON Green bay Coffee Cup and Mug (4 Styles)
TUXTON Green bay Sauce BowlTUXTON Green bay Sauce Bowl
UNS Milk Glass PlatesUNS Milk Glass Plates
UNS Milk Glass Plates Sale priceFrom $28.00
Lotus Deep Plate (3 sizes)Lotus Deep Plate (3 sizes)
Lotus Deep Plate (3 sizes) Sale priceFrom $16.00
TUXTON Green bay Family Style Set (10 Piece) Savings!TUXTON Green bay Family Style Set (10 Piece) Savings!
Sold outHanabi Wide Noodle BowlHanabi Wide Noodle Bowl
Hanabi Wide Noodle Bowl Sale price$23.00
Lotus Deep Dish (3 sizes)Lotus Deep Dish (3 sizes)
Lotus Deep Dish (3 sizes) Sale priceFrom $9.00
Sold outHandmade Rectangle DishHandmade Rectangle Dish
Handmade Rectangle Dish Sale price$21.00
Wooden Soup BowlWooden Soup Bowl
Wooden Soup Bowl Sale price$13.00
Sold outLotus Rectangle PlateLotus Rectangle Plate
Lotus Rectangle Plate Sale price$16.00
Epok Series / Non-Glossy Line - Vanilla BeanEpok Series / Non-Glossy Line - Vanilla Bean
TUXTON Color Sauce bowlsTUXTON Color Sauce bowls
TUXTON Color Sauce bowls Sale price$9.00
Awaken Melamine Stacking MugAwaken Melamine Stacking Mug
Porvasal Dots Bowls (Turia Brown)Porvasal Dots Bowls (Turia Brown)
Porvasal Dots Bowls (Turia Brown) Sale priceFrom $16.00
Porvasal Dots Plates (Nube Blue)Porvasal Dots Plates (Nube Blue)
Porvasal Dots Plates (Nube Blue) Sale priceFrom $12.00
Porvasal Dots Non Traditional Dish (Nube Blue)Porvasal Dots Non Traditional Dish (Nube Blue)
Sold outTUXTON Green bay Pasta Set V.2 (7 Piece) Savings!TUXTON Green bay Pasta Set V.2 (7 Piece) Savings!
Sold outLotus Noodle BowlLotus Noodle Bowl
Lotus Noodle Bowl Sale price$23.00
Porvasal Dots Plates (Turia Brown)Porvasal Dots Plates (Turia Brown)
TUXTON Green bay Brunch Set V.1 (11 Piece) Savings!TUXTON Green bay Brunch Set V.1 (11 Piece) Savings!
TUXTON Bahama Oval Plates (2 Size)TUXTON Bahama Oval Plates (2 Size)
Sold outLotus Sauce PlateLotus Sauce Plate
Lotus Sauce Plate Sale price$8.00
TUXTON Bahama Deep Dish (2 Sizes)TUXTON Bahama Deep Dish (2 Sizes)
Porvasal Dots Non Traditional Dish (Turia Brown)Porvasal Dots Non Traditional Dish (Turia Brown)
TUXTON Green bay French CasseroleTUXTON Green bay French Casserole