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Silicone Rice Paddle with RestSilicone Rice Paddle with Rest
Wooden Rectangular Tray (2 sizes)Wooden Rectangular Tray (2 sizes)
Wooden Rectangular Tray (2 sizes) Sale priceFrom $28.00
Ewigstern Karree Cooking ToolsEwigstern Karree Cooking Tools
Ewigstern Karree Cooking Tools Sale priceFrom $10.00
Stainless Steel Cooking Ladle (3 Colors)Stainless Steel Cooking Ladle (3 Colors)
IZAWA Stainless Steel Cooking Tools (3 Styles)IZAWA Stainless Steel Cooking Tools (3 Styles)
Wooden Oval Serving Board (2 Types)Wooden Oval Serving Board (2 Types)
Harlow Cooking Tools (3 Styles)Harlow Cooking Tools (3 Styles)
Harlow Serving SetHarlow Serving Set
Harlow Serving Set Sale price$58.00
Harlow Ice Cream Scoop
Harlow Ice Cream Scoop Sale price$36.00
Wood Round Tray - LightWood Round Tray - Light
Wood Round Tray - Light Sale price$22.00
Wooden Oval Tray (3 Sizes)Wooden Oval Tray (3 Sizes)
Wooden Oval Tray (3 Sizes) Sale priceFrom $28.00
Cambro TraysCambro Trays
Cambro Trays Sale priceFrom $8.00
Pantone Korean Spoon and Chopsticks RestsPantone Korean Spoon and Chopsticks Rests
Wood Handle Mini Sauce Bowl (2 size)Wood Handle Mini Sauce Bowl (2 size)
Stainless Steel Skinny TongsStainless Steel Skinny Tongs
Stainless Steel Skinny Tongs Sale priceFrom $8.90
Ceramic Vegetable Chopstick RestCeramic Vegetable Chopstick Rest
Rush TrivetRush Trivet
Rush Trivet Sale priceFrom $13.00
Half Moon Lacquered Wood Tray - Dark BrownHalf Moon Lacquered Wood Tray - Dark Brown
Half Moon Wood Tray - Light BrownHalf Moon Wood Tray - Light Brown
Bamboo Chaeban Tray (New Mini Size)Bamboo Chaeban Tray (New Mini Size)
Bamboo Color Bowls SeriesBamboo Color Bowls Series
Bamboo Color Bowls Series Sale priceFrom $14.00
Modern Color Wood Beverage Stirring MuddlerModern Color Wood Beverage Stirring Muddler
Awaken Melamine The Junior Set Color Bowl EditionAwaken Melamine The Junior Set Color Bowl Edition
Bamboo Chaeban Tray Oval (3 sizes)Bamboo Chaeban Tray Oval (3 sizes)
Stainless Steel Serving AccessoriesStainless Steel Serving Accessories
Wood Handle Glass Measuring CupWood Handle Glass Measuring Cup
Wood Handle Mini DishWood Handle Mini Dish
Wood Handle Mini Dish Sale price$9.50
Bamboo Oval Mini BasketBamboo Oval Mini Basket
Bamboo Oval Mini Basket Sale priceFrom $8.00
Oval Ceramic Spoon RestsOval Ceramic Spoon Rests
Oval Ceramic Spoon Rests Sale price$7.00
Enamel Butter Dish with Bamboo CoverEnamel Butter Dish with Bamboo Cover
Stainless Steel Triangle Cooking Tongs (3 Sizes)Stainless Steel Triangle Cooking Tongs (3 Sizes)
Sold outWood Round Tray- DarkWood Round Tray- Dark
Wood Round Tray- Dark Sale price$22.00
Cambro Round Tray (2 sizes)Cambro Round Tray (2 sizes)
Cambro Round Tray (2 sizes) Sale priceFrom $18.00
Bamboo Roll Up PlacematBamboo Roll Up Placemat
Bamboo Roll Up Placemat Sale price$12.00
Bamboo AccessoriesBamboo Accessories
Bamboo Accessories Sale priceFrom $5.00
Epok Lemon Series - Flat PlateEpok Lemon Series - Flat Plate
Teak Wood Spreader (Large)Teak Wood Spreader (Large)
Teak Wood Scoop (Large)Teak Wood Scoop (Large)
Teak Wood Scoop (Large) Sale price$14.00
Vegetable Shaped Snack DishVegetable Shaped Snack Dish
Natural Soft Bamboo Table MatsNatural Soft Bamboo Table Mats
Stainless Steel Perforated Tongs (2 sizes)Stainless Steel Perforated Tongs (2 sizes)
Mini Wooden LadleMini Wooden Ladle
Mini Wooden Ladle Sale price$12.00
Sold outBlomus Lagona Felt PlacematBlomus Lagona Felt Placemat
Epok Lemon Series - Spoon and Chopstick RestEpok Lemon Series - Spoon and Chopstick Rest
Mini Stainless Steel Graters (3 styles)Mini Stainless Steel Graters (3 styles)
Awaken Melamine Daily Meal SetAwaken Melamine Daily Meal Set
Teak Oval TongsTeak Oval Tongs
Teak Oval Tongs Sale price$20.00
Sold outGold & Wood Coffee Scoop
Gold & Wood Coffee Scoop Sale price$22.00