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Bamboo Accessories

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Transitioning from plastic to natural materials is key to helping our planet survive. Something as simple as swapping out plastic kitchen utensils for bamboo utensils is a step in the right direction. The Takeyaka Collection offers a wide variety of utilitarian bamboo kitchen utensils. The stylish silhouettes and versatility of this assortment fits the needs of anyone, who likes to cook, bake, entertain.  

As with any fine wood, please handwash and dry.

Made in China. 

-Morning set of 3: 16 cm long.
-Stick Spoon set of 4 : 20 cm long
-Bamboo Flour Scoop: 4 cm dia x 15 cm long 
-Bamboo Flat Edge Spoon Skinny size: 3.75 cm dia spoon head x 23cm long.   
-Bamboo Flat Edge Spoon Regular Size: 5 cm dia spoon head x 30 cm long. 
-Bamboo Sugar Spoon: 4 cm dia spoon head x 20 cm long. 
-Bamboo Spice Spoon: 3.75 cm dia spoon head x 10 cm long. 
-Bamboo Spoon Large Size: 8x9 cm spoon head x 30 cm long. 

Bamboo Accessories:

Bamboo Accessories

Bamboo Accessories
Bamboo Accessories Sale price$10.00