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Japanese Ceramics

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Komado Side Dish SeriesKomado Side Dish Series
Komado Side Dish Series Sale priceFrom $9.00
Mini Flower Bean BowlMini Flower Bean Bowl
Mini Flower Bean Bowl Sale price$12.00
Hanabi Bowl (2 sizes)Hanabi Bowl (2 sizes)
Hanabi Bowl (2 sizes) Sale priceFrom $12.00
Sold outLotus Donburi BowlLotus Donburi Bowl
Lotus Donburi Bowl Sale price$23.00
Hanabi Donburi BowlHanabi Donburi Bowl
Hanabi Donburi Bowl Sale price$23.00
Shobido Honten-Chrysanthemum bowls (2 sizes)Shobido Honten-Chrysanthemum bowls (2 sizes)
Shobido Honten- Spring Bloom Flower dishShobido Honten- Spring Bloom Flower dish
Shobido Honten- Bellflower edge multipurpose deep dish (2 sizes)Shobido Honten- Bellflower edge multipurpose deep dish (2 sizes)
Shobido Honten- Bellflower edge multipurpose- Flat plate (3 sizes)Shobido Honten- Bellflower edge multipurpose- Flat plate (3 sizes)
Shobido Honten- side dish set (save $7) and individualsShobido Honten- side dish set (save $7) and individuals
Shinogi Flower PlateShinogi Flower Plate
Shinogi Flower Plate Sale priceFrom $12.00
Shinogi Bowl (2 styles)Shinogi Bowl (2 styles)
Shinogi Bowl (2 styles) Sale priceFrom $14.00
Yuzu Mini Dish (5 Colors)Yuzu Mini Dish (5 Colors)
Yuzu Mini Dish (5 Colors) Sale price$16.00
Sprout Mini Dish (New Colors)Sprout Mini Dish (New Colors)
Izawa Handmade Rice BowlIzawa Handmade Rice Bowl
Izawa Handmade Rice Bowl Sale price$18.00
Izawa Handmade Oval Deep DishIzawa Handmade Oval Deep Dish
Tulip Dish (2 Colors)Tulip Dish (2 Colors)
Tulip Dish (2 Colors) Sale price$16.00
Half Moon Sashimi Dish - 5 ColorsHalf Moon Sashimi Dish - 5 Colors
Yellow Square Mini DishYellow Square Mini Dish
Yellow Square Mini Dish Sale price$16.00
Hasami Yellow Wave DishHasami Yellow Wave Dish
Hasami Yellow Wave Dish Sale price$23.00
Mini Flower Bud Deep DishMini Flower Bud Deep Dish
Mini Flower Bud Deep Dish Sale price$16.00
Lotus Mini BowlLotus Mini Bowl
Lotus Mini Bowl Sale price$10.00
Lotus Deep Plate (3 sizes)Lotus Deep Plate (3 sizes)
Lotus Deep Plate (3 sizes) Sale priceFrom $16.00
Lotus Deep Dish (3 sizes)Lotus Deep Dish (3 sizes)
Lotus Deep Dish (3 sizes) Sale priceFrom $9.00
Blue Side Dish Series SetBlue Side Dish Series Set
Blue Side Dish Series Set Sale priceFrom $16.00
Hanabi Wide Noodle BowlHanabi Wide Noodle Bowl
Hanabi Wide Noodle Bowl Sale price$23.00
Shinogi Flower Rectangle BowlShinogi Flower Rectangle Bowl
Shinogi Noodle BowlShinogi Noodle Bowl
Shinogi Noodle Bowl Sale price$23.00
Shinogi Flower Deep BowlShinogi Flower Deep Bowl
Shinogi Flower Deep Bowl Sale priceFrom $12.50
Shinogi Flower Rectangle / Square PlateShinogi Flower Rectangle / Square Plate
Shinogi Mug (3 sizes)Shinogi Mug (3 sizes)
Shinogi Mug (3 sizes) Sale priceFrom $18.00
Yellow Chrysanthemum Mini BowlYellow Chrysanthemum Mini Bowl
Sold outJapanese Style Noodle Set- 8 piece setJapanese Style Noodle Set- 8 piece set
[Set] Japanese Style Lotus Meal Set[Set] Japanese Style Lotus Meal Set
Lotus Bowl (2 sizes)Lotus Bowl (2 sizes)
Lotus Bowl (2 sizes) Sale priceFrom $12.00
[Set] Japanese Style Meal Set - Shinogi Version[Set] Japanese Style Meal Set - Shinogi Version
Hexagonal Small DishHexagonal Small Dish
Hexagonal Small Dish Sale price$16.00
Sold outBlue Abstract Striped Noodle BowlBlue Abstract Striped Noodle Bowl
Lotus Rectangle PlateLotus Rectangle Plate
Lotus Rectangle Plate Sale price$16.00
Lotus Sauce PlateLotus Sauce Plate
Lotus Sauce Plate Sale price$9.00
Sold outLotus Noodle BowlLotus Noodle Bowl
Lotus Noodle Bowl Sale price$23.00
Sold outHandmade Rectangle DishHandmade Rectangle Dish
Handmade Rectangle Dish Sale price$21.00
Sold outMaple Leaves Small DishMaple Leaves Small Dish
Maple Leaves Small Dish Sale price$19.00