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OPINEL Cutting Boards

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OPINEL Wood Cutting Boards

Cutting Board was designed in collaboration with Swiss designers, Big Game. This lightweight cutting board is also compact. It is easy to store in small kitchen settings or to bring on the road with you. Quickly cut and trim small ingredients. It can also serve as a cheese or appetizers platter for romantic dinner nights.
10" x 6" x 0.6"
Sustainably Harvested Beech Wood
Oil before first use with light natural oil (Olive or Sesame Oil).

It is ideal for cutting and mincing fruits and vegetables or food prep. It is lightweight and can easily be carried out to outdoor cooking settings. Additionally, you can use it as a cheese or appetizer platter for parties up to 4-6 guests.
15" x 8" x 0.8"

It is ideal for trimming and cutting large produce for the perfect "mise en place". The juice catcher helps collect juice while carving meat and poultry to be re-used in recipes.
18" x 10" x 1"

In the kitchen accessories need maintenance which includes cutting boards! Below are some tips to keep your cutting boards looking fresh and working well from their first to last chop.

Important! If you have just purchased an Opinel Cutting board, we suggest you nourish the wood with a light natural oil (mineral, olive, linseed) or beeswax before using the cutting board for the first time. Lightly wiping down the cutting board with oil will help maintain the boards appearance and reduce staining when cutting juicy foods.


To start with, clean your board with a brush and washing up liquid.
Wash with lukewarm water, rub and rinse.
For a more thorough clean, you can add white vinegar and rub salt into it with a cloth. Let it rest for 10 minutes, then rinse.


One of the most important stages is drying your board. 
Wipe it with a cloth to get the water off.
Then let it air dry so that there is no moisture left.

Nourish the wood

The third and final stage is very important if you want to protect the wood of your board and keep it looking nice.
Use a dry cloth to apply cooking oil (olive, rapeseed, grape seed).
Rub well in the direction of the wood grain so that the oil soaks in properly and nourishes the wood.

You now know the whole process of maintaining your cutting boards. 

It's up to you now!



OPINEL Cutting Boards
OPINEL Cutting Boards Sale price$35.00