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Maple Cutlery

Sale price$32.00

Maple Cutlery includes Korean Spoon and Chopsticks 

It's a gorgeous classic modern statement for your table setting.

It's made with Maple wood and stainless steel.

There is a matching Korean Spoon and Chopsticks set for your Asian cuisine.

Wooden cutlery is timeless and will match any interior style.

Korean Spoon and Chopsticks sets: 1 Korean Spoon and 1 set of Chopsticks 

Dinner set: 1 Spoon , 1 Knife, 1 Fork

Dessert Set: 1 Dessert Spoon and 1 Dessert Fork

Tea Set: 1 Tea Spoon and 1 Tea Fork


  • Care instruction: hand wash immediately after use. Do not use dishwasher. Do not soak in water too long. You may use mineral oil but due to nature of the maple wood, the oil gets absorbed deeply and it makes the wood color darker. If you wish to maintain the color as is, please hand wash and air dry without oiling the wood handle.


Maple Cutlery
Maple Cutlery Sale price$32.00