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Hetkinen Juniper-Figtree Hand Balm

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A moisturizing and protecting hand balm 

This natural and rich cream offers lasting protection for your hands. It moisturises your hands and cuticles quickly and easily when you need it the most. This balm contains a high amount of shea butter, which, together with jojoba oil and vitamin E, moisturises your hands effectively. When mixed together, these vegetable oils smooth out wrinkles and enhance skin health. This balm offers protection from the cold, the wind, and the sun. It contains no water and is extremely long lasting. The cream’s scents of juniper berry and benzoin create a fresh, yet warmly alluring combination. The naturally antibacterial juniper berry calms irritated skin. Juniper berry oil gently closes pores and evens your skin tone. The smell of benzoin resin is warm and rich with a hint of wood and vanilla. The cream reduces itching, irritation and redness. This lasting balm is absorbed quickly, leaving you with a silky smooth skin. As it nourishes the skin, this cream is optimal for daily use. A hand balm that cleanses, gives strength, and reduces tiredness.

Please note! This hand balm is not suitable for people suffering from kidney problems, as it contains juniper berry oil.

Dimension: 60 ml

Ingredients:  vitellaria paradoxa butter, simmondsia chinensis seed oil, glycerin, tocopheryl acetate, styrax benzoin gum, juniperus communis oil, *linalool, *limonene (*essential oil component)

Yes: natural, organic, vegan, cruelty free, sustainable, plastic free, fresh, gentle and skilled artisan process..

No: preservative, alcohol, synthetics, water, colour, plastic. 

Container jar is made from natural antibacterial pine.

Made in Finland. 

Hetkinen Juniper-Figtree Hand Balm
Hetkinen Juniper-Figtree Hand Balm Sale price$39.00