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Dr.HOWS Mini Twinkle Stove Burner

Sale price$79.99

CSA-certified portable gas stove burner from South Korean cookware brand Dr.HOWS.

A travel-friendly compact form with powerful flame distribution and dual safety features. Comes with a case for easy storage and transportation.

Requires a standard size 8oz butane cartridge. 

Advanced Safety Systems: To protect young ones and other users, this burner comes armed with a child lock on the dial. Additional safety features include a gas cut-off activation when the standard temperature or pressure is exceeded.

Easy-clean integrated top plate: Features a unique design where the burner hole is separated with the integrated top plate; This practical feature allows for the outdoor cooking stove to be easily cleaned as there is no separate gas cover.

Thermal efficiency: Utilizing the piezoelectric ignition method, this small camping stove produces 6,200 BTU of cooking power with tornado-shaped flames for more potent firepower with less heat loss and a higher resistance to wind. 

Material: alloy steel

Dimensions: 7.1" L x 10.2" W x 4.7" H

Weight: 2.8 lbs

Made in China

Plastic carrying case included. Butane cartridge not included.



Dr.HOWS Mini Twinkle Stove Burner
Dr.HOWS Mini Twinkle Stove Burner Sale price$79.99